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Beardsley Zoo’s Turtles and Tortoises Pick the Super Bowl Winner

Football team loyalties can sink the closest relationships, especially when support for either the Kansas City Chiefs or Philadelphia Eagles has friends and family members on opposing sides. Human sports experts have made their own predictions, but if you’re still undecided about which team to support, stick your neck out and go with the tortoises and turtles at Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo!

Watch as a pair of Eastern box turtles, Igor the Russian tortoise, and Darwin the gopher tortoise come out of their shells to choose the Philadelphia Eagles, two to one, as their projected winner. Animals have a proud history of picking Super Bowl winners. This year, animal bet makers at zoos around the country have included African lions, red pandas, sea lions, giraffes, and orangutans.

Zoo Director Gregg Dancho isn’t walking on eggshells with his prediction—he’s all in on the Eagles to win.  “I know Darwin the gopher tortoise and Eastern box turtles Rex and Alli aren’t playing a shell game,” he said. “But on Sunday, I’ll be watching the game with an eagle eye.”

Watch the videos here: 

Eastern box turtles

Igor the Russian tortoise

Darwin the gopher tortoise

Disclaimer: Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo does not guarantee that the turtles and tortoise’s prediction is scientifically accurate. The Zoo engages in animal enrichment activities on a regular basis, however, and the Zoo does guarantee that all the participants enjoyed making their pick.