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15 Popular Corn Mazes in Connecticut

Connecticut is a fantastic place for family fun during the fall season, and one of the most exciting activities is exploring corn mazes! Imagine getting lost in a maze made of tall cornstalks, and the best part is that many of these mazes are designed just for kids and families. You won’t need to worry about getting too lost because they are perfect for all ages.

Corn Mazes in Connecticut

Here are 15 awesome corn mazes in Connecticut that you and your family can enjoy together during the fall season.

Foster Family Farm Corn Maze: South Windsor’s Foster Family Farm boasts a large and intricate maze.

Fort Hill Farms, Thompson: Fort Hill Farms prides themselves on having a challenging maze – but not frustrating!  For a leisurely stroll, saunter through their Calf Labyrinth. Enjoy the corn maze at night under the stars and moon on their FLASHLIGHT NIGHTS.  Remember to dress warmly as it gets cold when the sun goes down.  Call for appointment if you wish to come past closing times on the weekdays.

Lyman Orchards Corn Maze: Located in Middlefield, Lyman Orchards offers a challenging corn maze each year.

Ekonk Hill Turkey Farm: In Sterling, Ekonk Hill’s corn maze is a family-friendly attraction.

Plasko’s Farm: Located in Trumbull, this farm features a fun and intricate corn maze.

The Farm, Woodbury: Dive into the next family fun activity at The Farm. Escape to this year’s themed corn maze.

Treat Farm, Orange: A new 6.0 acre maze has been created a new an additional challenge to make even more enjoyable.  In addition to their standard maze with miles of trails to get lost on, Treat Farm added a game to add to the enjoyment.    Come visit in late summer and fall and experience our challenging 6.0 acre corn maze.  Get lost in the stalks and try to complete the challenge within the maze.

Bishop’s Orchards: Guilford’s Bishop’s Orchards offers a corn maze as part of their fall festivities.

Wells Hollow Creamery: the corn maze is growing in leaps and bounds!  Farmers Dan and Glenn are busy cutting paths for this year’s themed corn maze.

Scott’s Yankee Farmer: Located in East Lyme, this maze offers a mix of fun and learning.

Castle Hill Farm: In Newtown, Castle Hill Farm’s corn maze is a popular attraction in the fall.

Farms View: Located in Morris, this farm features a family-friendly corn maze.

Brown’s Harvest: Windsor’s Brown’s Harvest has a maze that’s perfect for family adventures.

Silverman’s Farm: Easton’s Silverman’s Farm offers a corn maze along with other fall activities.

Riverview Farms: South Glastonbury’s Riverview Farms offers a fun corn maze for all ages.

Remember to check each farm’s website or contact them directly for the most up-to-date information on their corn maze offerings, hours of operation, and admission prices. Enjoy your corn maze adventures in Connecticut!